Buzzfeed’s “Questions Black People Have For Black People” Video Is Meant For White Folks

A recent video “27 Questions Black People Have For Black People” released by BuzzFeed has raised questions amongst black people.

In the video Black BuzzFeed staff asked racial and stereotypical questions which revealed the true ways black people are often discriminated against.

Viewers think the video was actually meant to let white audience understand how it feels being black, with all the challenges that black people face when it comes to skin color, hair texture, the way they talk and even the way they live their lives. Black people most of the times either grow up fatherless or have the fear of facing police brutality or getting incarcerated for no reason.

White people must take a peep at this video to take note of the actions that might feel okay to them but rather offensive to blacks, for instance the use of the ‘N-word’.

It is acceptable and fair for blacks to use the ‘N-word’ amongst themselves but considered racist when used by a white fellow towards a black person.

Black people never discriminate against one another, they never ask questions like “why do you sound white”? or “you don’t act ghetto, is it because you are light skinned”?

This video is a good initiative and it reveals the truth about behavior of white people that makes people of color feel uncomfortable.

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