Former South Carolina Police Officer Only Gets Probation For Killing Black Man

Justin Gregory Craven, a former white South Carolina cop has being discharged off his duties for three years for the killing of black unarmed man.

According to reports Craven chased Ernest Satterwhite after he tried to pull him over for drunk driving. After the long chase Satterwhite stopped on the road near his house and former officer decided to walk towards him and to fire several shots through the car window.

Despite the fact that Craver shot through a closed door he later claimed that Scatterwhite tried to reach his gun and therefore he had to shoot for self defense.

On Monday Craven finally pleaded guilty for the killing of the black 68-year-old man in February 2014, and he was given 80 hours of public service including three year probation with no house arrest.

This is the worst outcome in the case of manslaughter. Under normal circumstance such a horrific act should have led Craven to more than 30 years in prison including a huge fine. But no! He was literally not punished.

This is pure insanity and injustice, and doesn’t seem like a punishment for such a barbaric behavior. Craver can walk freely and live his normal life while Satterwhite is no longer enjoys his living with no justice gained. How pathetic!

It is absolutely unfair to protect these killers in blue who hide behind the gun and badge! Craven definitely deserves a higher sentence.

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