Chicago Mayor’s Task Force: Police Officers Have ‘No Regard’ For Black Lives

A new investigation from a mayoral task force concluded that police have absolutely no regard for people of minorities especially black people.

An investigation board, established by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, stated in a report published on Wednesday April 13 that Chicago police officers have “no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color”.

The board was established as a result of the unjustified killings of innocent black people by Cops. Their findings show that 74 percent of those killed in recent years by police officers were Blacks. The department failed to hold police officers accountable for their actions. Over 300 black victims in Chicago are dead or wounded by police officers since 2008 and these cops are left unpunished.

The newly appointed Chicago chief of Police Eddie Johnson said in a report: “We have racism in America. We have racism in Chicago. So it stands to reason we would have some racism within our agency. My goal is to root that out.”

The 22-page report titled “Police Accountability” concluded with a recommendation for a reform in the task force to restoring trust between the Chicago police and the communities they serve.

Together we can restore justice to our communities by ensuring that every action taken by police is been accounted for and are punished by the law.

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