White Attorney Accused of Harassing Black Official with KKK Drawings

This racist man then sues city for his arrest, claiming he’s an ‘Emotional Wreck’.

Last month Wayne Spindler, an attorney, was arrested by the police for racially offensive drawing which he gave to the first ever Black city council president Herb Wesson. Now he turns around to sue the city for an outrageous sum of money.

After making criminal threats with a burning cross on his drawing, he declared a hate speech and signed “Herb=N*gger”.

Spindler has filed 2 cases against the city of Los Angeles claiming $775,000 in damages.

They branded me a racist and scared the hell out of the judges and clients,” Spindler told City News Service. He added that he’s been emotionally disoriented and only gets about three hours of sleep each night.

His claims are lies and doesn’t line up with his frequent visits in the courtroom in a KKK hood. City’s Council President, Wesson also doesn’t agree with his hilarious claims.

It has risen to the point that I have serious concerns about my safety, my family’s safety, my staff’s safety and the safety of my colleagues on the city council,” Wesson said.

A restraining order has been filed by Wesson against him but Spindler has vowed to file a federal suit if his suit is rejected. Wayne Spindler’s claims are just ridiculous; he obviously deserved to be arrested for promoting hate and threatening a black man.

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