Poor Black Man Beaten To Death In Texas Jail

Patrick Joseph Brown was beaten to death by two cellmates in the notorious Texas jail.

According to reports, Patrick was arrested for stealing a guitar and was fined to pay an unreasonable amount of $3,000. With no criminal records, the poor man was kept behind the gates of Hell because he couldn’t afford to pay the bail.

In less than two days in the Texas jail Patrick was killed by his cellmates identified as Ebenezer Nah and Curtis Maxwell.

The Houston Press reported that prison guards were supposed to do a 15-minute routine check-up on each cell which contains 20 inmates. The guards must have seen the inmates brutalizing Patrick but they were not bothered because he was black. His life didn’t matter to any authorities.

Since 1979, the Harris County Jail has been one of the worst places to be jailed as poor black man; it’s like Hell on Earth. The jail is famous for its violent treatment to the inmates and for holding poor black people who can’t pay the huge bail. A diabetic man died there because he was left without his insulin. Another man died as a result of a jail guard beating him and not reporting the case.

After a 2009 Justice Department investigation into the Harris County Jail, Sen. John Whitmire stated that jail was “unsafe and unhealthy”. Such jails should be closed, because they are some kind of modern torture chambers for poor black people who can’t afford paying unreasonably expensive bails.

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