Black Family Files Lawsuit Against Officials For Conspiracy In Their Son’s Death

The family of a black man, Abe Dabela, has sued the Police Department and other Officials in Redding, Connecticut for covering-up their sons’ death.

Gugsa Abraham “Abe” Dabela, 35, was found dead on April 5, 2014 in his wrecked SUV with a gunshot wound in the back side of his head. According to Redding Police’s initial report, the young African-American on his way home had an accident while approaching a bend in the road.

After discovering that Dabela died from a gunshot wound, the police department, without proper investigations, immediately declared that he had committed suicide. The question about who killed Dabela is a mystery up to date.

The family of the deceased has been looking for answers over the past two years by collecting evidence that proves their son was murdered, but because Dabela’s black, officials ignored them each time they brought up the case.

The investigation reports that a bullet which was found at the crash scene wasn’t Dabela’s and someone’s DNA was also found on his gun. Besides that a gunshot wound in the back of his head shows he was shot and no way it was a suicide. If I’m to kill myself, I would have to shoot from the front or the sides of my head.

The family filed a suit on Tuesday April 5, 2016 in District Court in Connecticut accusing the defendants of  “denial of due process and denial of equal protection to Abe Dabela when he applied for a gun permit to the Redding Police Department in 2013,” “denial of the plaintiffs’ right of access to the courts by failing to properly investigate his death,” “[creating] danger that exposed Abe Dabela to an act of violence by a third party,” “conspiracy to cover up the murder,” and “wrongful death of Abe Dabela (by the as-yet-unnamed killer, whose identity is unknown due to acts of the defendants).”

So law enforcement officers not only kill unarmed black people, but they also refuse to investigate homicides when the victims are black.  The system went terribly wrong; it needs huge changes to become effective and just.

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