Study proves that police unreasonably shoot unarmed black men

Racial profiling by the police is a practice and a habit that needs correction by punishment. Its high time the government treated it as such.

Academic studies to further research Washington Post’s probe into the frequent fatal police shootings has revealed that most victims of police shootings in the past years involved cops who were racial biased.

It means most of these cops already had a programmed approach before their encounter with these victims, who are Black.

The criminal justice experts from University of Louisville and the University of South Carolina undertook the research, based on Washington Post’s statistics, entitled “Fatal Shootings By US Police Officers in 2015: A Bird’s Eye View,” and it is being reviewed for academic publication.

Conservative edition The Washington Post noted 990 cases of fatal shooting in 2015 and in 93 of them people who got shot by police were unarmed. Occasionally 40 percent of unarmed victims were black.  Taking into account that white people are the population majority, it means unarmed blacks are 7 times more likely to be shot dead by police officers than whites.

Another conclusion of the research states that police shooters frequently perceive black skin as a danger signal, therefore they are ready to use lethal force no matter how suspect is acting like. However study suggests black people who was shot dead by police were posing less threat to the officers than some white offenders.

Well, to be honest we have already known these facts before, and some of us even experienced it first-hand. The question now is how to fight this police bias and abuse of black people. Maybe it’s time to pay attention not only to the police murder statistics but to the police system in general.

The same terrible incidents involving police and unarmed black victims happen practically every day and nothing was done about it. White killer cops go free while black families are reeling from their losses. How long can it going on?

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