A Year After Police Fatally Shot Walter Scott

Black residents in North Charleston, South Carolina, say they are still being harassed by police officers.

It was exactly one year ago April 4, 2015 when a white police officer, Michael Slager, shot an unarmed African-American man, Walter Scott, eight times at his back. Walter was heading to an auto part store to replace his third brake light, when he was stopped by patrolman Slager. He got down and spoke to Slager, few minutes later the officer followed him to a lot behind a pawn shop and shot him to death.

Slager told officials that he was being “threatened”. It sounds ridiculous, he shot unarmed man 8 times in his back, where was the threat? He was sacked from the police force and was charged with murder, but now he is released on bail and waiting for the trail as a free man.

Some African-Americans in North Charleston are concerned that the slayer is still walking around. He is calm cause he knows he won`t face any strict punishment. “I don’t want to see another mother, another family, have to go through what we’ve gone through. There needs to be a change,” said Walker’s mother Judy Scott.

A report from the state Department of Public Safety shows that blacks are still subjected to overly aggressive policing and racial profiling.

In a 47 percent black community, about 78 percent of the police officers are white. Black car owners now are twice more likely to be stopped by police officers than white, just like it was the year ago. Even after the terrible death of the 50-year-old father of four children, government officials haven’t still made any efforts in restoring equality and justice.

Share this news and help to fight against police racial profiling and brutality in our societies.

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