Former Marine Corps Veteran Almost Disenfranchised By Wisconsin Voter ID Law

Dennis Hatten, a former Marine Corps Veteran, finally got a voter ID after months of struggle and campaign with the voting rights groups.

The 2016 primary election is just few months left and now is the time lawmakers are trying to find ways to revoke some citizens’ voting rights, especially African-Americans. It’s just another political strategy to minimize the impact of black voters in the 2016 presidential primaries. Politicians never act in favor of blacks, that`s why they don`t want to see black people expressing their discontent during election.

A voter ID law, which has been passed by Wisconsin State Officials, might prevent over 300,000 citizens from exercising their franchise, due to complicate requirements concerning ID document necessary to participate in voting. Official claim that measure is stacked against “widespread fraud”, but critics believe they just use this excuse to influence on electorate structure.

The African-American Dennis Hatten, born in Arkansas, worked for the Marine Corps in the 80’s, retired and was taking care of his parents who later died of cancer. After he lost his parents, his birth certificate was nowhere to be found. Hatten shared his problem with the local voting rights groups Citizen Action and VoterRiders and with their help he was finally able to locate his birth certificate.

Dennis Hatten found out a mistake on his birth certificate, they had mistakenly written on his file Dene’t instead of Dennis.

With the help of some lawyers, Hatten was able to get a Social Security Card and just in time for the primary election, he was issued a voter ID. Report says that Hatten’s birth certificate will also be issued in due time.

Hatten in an interview with ThinkProgress encouraged low-income residents to fight for their rights to vote. “You’ve got to vote, it impacts your life in more ways than one,” he said.

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