Students Want Administration Removed For Using N-Word

Duke University students on Friday embarked on a protest for the eviction of three school officials after a racial slur from the vice president allegedly on a parking attendant.

The University known for winning Basketball program, Duke, went on demonstration Friday, showing their rage and discontent over an N-word used by some school officials, and called for their stepdown from their duties. The incident took place in 2014, when a football game against Elon University was underway.

According to Duke’s The Chronicle, before the game, Executive Vice President Tallman Trask with his Porsche knocked the parking attendant Shelvia Underwood and called her “dumb, dumb, stupid n***er.” A police report was filed by the worker initially, but she apparently retracted the report for fear of losing her job.

Unfortunately, after the incident Shelvia has had to be taken to the hospital frequently. Since it has been draining her financially and emotionally, she filed a lawsuit last month against Trask and Duke University asking for $100,000 as compensatory damages, negligence, civil conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

USA Today reported that a protest which highlighted issues of racism and discrimination at this and other college campuses took place on Friday in Duke’s Allen Building, where nine students were “up for a war” until the resignation of Trask, the Vice President, Kyle Cavanaugh and Carl DePinto, the director of Parking and Transportation Services.

This incident in the University was the second big racial scandal compared with the Missouri scandal. Racial slur is unacceptable in schools, especially coming from higher authorities, which means that racist is not capable of leading an education institution.

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