Black Lives Matter Art Show

Black Lives Matter Art Show Is Going To The Living Gallery



And on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day one thousand and something. And that global revolution Occupy Wall Street and all things police brutality and beyond Black Lives Matter movements are still moving fast. And so it has been a while since I have been able to drum up one of those Occupy Art Shows or Black Lives Matter Art Shows in that city of New York.

And I am happy to say that Black Lives Matter Art Show is going to The Living Gallery, that really cool art gallery in that neighborhood of Bushwick, New York. And there have been a few Black Lives Matter Art Shows that I have managed to do this past year or so in streets, galleries, festivals and parks around the New York City, and each one has been different depending upon the venue or place, though they all have had the same concept.

Black Lives Matter


And everyone is invited to view those thoughts on Black Lives Matter and share their thoughts on those Your Thoughts On Black Lives Matter banners that I display at these events. And for some reason, the prevailing thought amongst the hundreds of thoughts written on these various banners from various events seems to be All Lives Matter and lots of quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King when it comes to Your Thoughts On Black Lives Matter.

And there has been and is to be handmade #blacklivesmatter, #occupywallstreet, #berniesanders, #nopolicestate and now, with those 2016 Presidential Elections that have seemingly turned America upside down with an Inauguration that seems to be one big #J20 anti-inauguration protest, #notmypresident necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins that I am planning to vend at this Black Lives Matter Art Show at The Living Gallery as well, alongside those Black Lives Matter and Occupy Art banners, artwork and photos of Black Lives Matter protests that I have attended throughout the past year or so in the New York City area that are to be displayed as well.

And this Black Lives Matter Art Show may be a little different than the ones in the past, as there is to be Black Lives Matter artwork and beyond from another artist, Monica O. Montgomery, of Museum of Impact as well.  And it will be interesting to see what she has to contribute to this art show as her art, culture, activism and pop-up exhibits and events have been all things Black Lives Matter and more.


And then there is Welf, Ras and Kenny, who play horns and drums in those brass bands and marching bands throughout the New York City who are planning to perform during the reception and hopefully there will be some afro funk, bhangra, New Orleans Latin grooves and beyond with their music and the open jam session during the reception.

Oh, and there is to be those Stop Mass Incarceration Network, Stop Police Terror #RiseUpOctober.

Which Side Are You On? posters displayed on the walls and available for free for anyone who can make it to this art show, as these black and white posters display the faces, 54 faces of those killed by police nationwide.  And these are some of the thousands killed by police nationwide.

Participate in the event!

Rain or shine, looking forward. I hope to see you there.

Black Lives Matter. Occupy Art. Occupy Wall Street. Occupy Wall Street Worldwide.

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