Racial Discrimination Lawsuit: Philadelphia Superintendent’s Estate To Pay $2.3M

SDT attorney Michael Homans said, “she had crossed the line… she expressly stated she was tired of all these contracts going to white-owned companies.”

Most African-American companies struggle to get simple contracts and grants from the government due to systemic discrimination against people of color.

This situation suddenly changed in September 2010 when Arlene Ackerman, the school district superintendent of Philadelphia, granted a $7.5 million project to a Black-owned company. She claimed, she was tired of seeing all the contracts going to Whites. The task was to install surveillance cameras in 19 schools. Ackerman said she would ensure “all these white boys didn’t get contracts.

A racial discrimination lawsuit was filed against her and a federal jury has commanded her estate to pay a sum of $2.3 million to a  Newtown, Pennsylvania Company.

What she did does not warrant a compensation fee, because she only helped African-American citizens, who have been pushed the bottom of the wealth ladder due to the same discrimination she is being accused of. Moreover, nobody checked the Black-owned company, which was definitely more than capable to  fulfill the offered task.

Arlene is a hero, who determined that as long as she was breathing and in a position of power, the financial gap between Blacks and Whites should reduce. She died in 2013 of cancer, may her soul rest in perfect peace.

Talking about racial discrimination charges, there are a lot of situations when Black firms had been denied contracts and none of the White companies benefitting from that paid a fine issued by the court.

There is no proof of any discrimination except the careless words of the late superintendent. So, if racial prejudice can serve as the basis for such serious compensation, the court has to start granting  large sums of money to thousands of blacks, who are being discriminated in this country every single day.

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