The City Of Atlanta Honors Killer Mike By Declaring July 17 ‘Killer Mike Day’

Born Michael Render, Killer Mike was honored by the Atlanta City Council on this week with the naming of July 17 “Killer Mike Day”.

The city celebrated Killer Mike, currently one-half of rap group Run the Jewels, for his music, entrepreneurship and community involvement, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution reports.

“I respect you in so many ways,” City Councilman Andre Dickens said at the official honoring ceremony. “You represent the ATL well.”

“I appreciate this brother because he inspires so many people,” added State Senator Vincent Fort.

An outspoken advocate for black business, racial equality and the Second Amendment, among other causes, Killer Mike has long used his platform as a rapper to foment social and political change.


Earlier this year, he used the naming of a drill after him (the drill, which is being used to build a reservoir for Atlanta was named “Driller Mike”) to advocate for access to clean water.

He has continuously urged his followers to bank black and to buy black on his social media platforms, and has created a chain of barbershops in Atlanta in order to provide both community gathering places and jobs.

Atlanta officials today also noted that Render has been an informal ambassador for his city through his music and through his television and film appearances everywhere from CNN to HBO to the Edgar Wright film Baby Driver.

Killer Mike took to social media to express his gratitude and excitement over the honoring.

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