Woman Goes Free After Almost Three Years Behind Bars

A woman who allegedly murdered her Ex-boyfriend and was jailed for 60 years, has been vindicated Thursday after her second trial.

Cherelle Baldwin, 24, who was accused of murdering her Ex-boyfriend, Jeffrey Brown in May 2013, was pronounced not guilty after she spent 3 years in jail. Twelve jurors found her not guilty of her charges and hence was allowed to walk as a free person. Baldwin collapsed on hearing the verdict, BRIDGEPORT Reported.

According to the Police, Baldwin hit Brown, her Ex-boyfriend with her car in May 2013 and killed him. The head bail was $1 million, which for almost three years the family had not been able to settle for her release. But according to Baldwin, whatever happened that May 2013 was done in self-defense.

According to Huff Post, the 24-year-old mother was continuously assaulted by Brown until court ordered him to stay away from Baldwin. Before the death of Brown, numerous threat messages were sent to Baldwin which proved her innocence.

“Brown broke into my house and strangled me with his belt in front of my young baby. I fled from the house without shoes, glasses or my child, and he followed me to my car, where he continued to assault me. At one point, I was on my hood. Then there was a crash.” “Everything happened so quick,” she said. “All I could think about was the baby.”

Baldwin was vindicated and freed after the jury sat for the second trial. Even though this is an epic win, this woman was wrongfully convicted of crimes and spent unprofitable three years behind bars. When black women act in self-defense they are more likely to be seen as culpable for their actions instead of victims. This is a woman who should be compensated for jailing her wrongfully.

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