Who Wants To Be Cookie Lyon?

A hilarious but meaningful song made by Moms to pay tribute to Cookie Lyon from the Empire TV show.

The hit television show we’ve all been waiting for is here again with the favorite character Loretha Holloway in the role of Cookie Lyon becoming as bad as one could ever imagine.

Cookie portrays a character of a no-nonsense mother who has an unwavering dedication for her family. She always says family comes first no matter what.

Two days before the return of the Empire TV Show, some Cookie-loving Moms made a video to show a sign of respect to the super loving character. No one messes with real Moms because you have no idea what they are capable of.

The video was released on a YouTube channel by Awestruck. The clip starts with four Moms arguing about who amongst them is to be Cookie. “..No I’m Cookie Lyon…. you’re more like Rose Ann, I’m Cookie…,” and they all voice together saying, “I’m Cookie.” Then appears a Cop saying, “Mama Mafia, you’re under arrest for impersonating Empire’s Cookie Lyon.

The Moms raps:

I’m CEO, CFO, the boss of my family

My husband ain’t no cheater like her baby Daddy Lucious….

My kids aren’t grown, they sit at home but they know they come first…

If you mess with my boys, then I’ll put you in the dart…

My sons are well mannered not no breath like Hakeem

And if they acted up they get punished by the queen

This is the spirit of real Moms. They are ready to do everything what they can to make their kids happy and safe. You can watch the video here and get the fun of the day. #BlackMomsMatter


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