Protesters Disrupt Mayor Hancock’s Community Meeting

‘Black Lives Matter’ protester handcuffed while white “anti-fracking” protester walked calmly out through the door.

A community meeting of Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and his cabinet at Thomas Jefferson High School was disrupted by protesters, who were demonstrating against the city’s cleanup of homeless camps on downtown area sidewalks.

The protesters, who accuse Hancock of “exploiting the lives of the homeless, the poor and black people to meet the selfish desires of downtown Denver developers and gentrifiers”, tried to prevent him from addressing the audience assembled at the meeting.

Mayor Hancock, whose controversial decision to move out homeless camps on the sidewalks drew outrage and gave rise to protests by groups including Black Lives Matter, responded by asking the protesters to step aside.

Denver police later intervened to prevent the protesters from raising protest signs.

Two women, a black BLM protester and a white woman with an anti-fracking sign were escorted out of the meeting.

Shockingly, despite both women going against the same “no signs” rule, the police only thought it fit to put the black woman in handcuffs, while her white counterpart was just asked to leave.

This proves that the police’s attitude towards black people will always be rife with bias. The laws are meant to be implemented equally without prejudice of any sort. But the police and politicians backing them always find ways to selectively twist the law against black people.

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