Blacks Are Still More Jobless Than Whites In US

A recent study shows that the unemployment rate of blacks is twice higher that of whites.

In 2009, we all thought that a change had come to our land especially to the black community. But our expectations were too high and so we were disappointed when the leaders, we expected could support our interests in terms of employment issue, appeared to be passive.

While the country’s economy became better, the black lives became worse. The unemployment rate for African-Americans remains twice as high as that of White-Americans.

A recent statistics, from the Bureau of Labor, gives us analysis of jobless Americans for the month of March 2016. Unemployment: White: 4.3 percent, Latino: 5.6 percent, Black: 9 percent and Black Youth: 25 percent.

One might ask why the unemployment rate is that high for black people. It’s very simple: the darker your skin, the harder your struggle.

Even those blacks with jobs have to fight every for their place, not saying about finding one. Moreover sometimes black people are not even welcomed as a clients in public places. A common example is a Fresno bartender in California kicking out two black social activists as they refuse to get additional drinks.

As a black jobless man, I can’t go to places like these not only to become a bartender, but also to have a drink. The racial discrimination is just everywhere. As a result, my chances of getting a job are limited.

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