Cops Stage Resisting Arrest To Restrain Black Man

Cops shouted, ‘Stop Resisting’ so they could brutalize Barry Cottman.

According to Millville Police Chief, Jody Farabella, “The officers are saying ‘stop resisting, stop resisting.’ With the use of force continuum, officers have to use force as much as necessary to affect the arrest. Our officers are trained here to never use the use of force as routine.”

“The officer did use force to affect his arrest. Obviously, it’s going to be looked at. We have a professional standards unit. They are going to have to look and see if the use of force was justified in this case,” Farabella added.

But the question is if Barry Cottman did resist and if he actually did anything wrong but jaywalking. In the video recorded by a bystander the officer is seen hitting a man in the head while yelling “Stop resisting!”

Cottman’s mother believes that resisting arrest was staged. “It was no need for them to stomp him like that…that’s it, he was just walking up the street,” Cynthia Jackson said. “He has never resisted police, Never!”

The actions of the police are highly questionable and are being investigated. North Miami Beach Police Officer Ericson Harrell, known for his sharp criticism towards his colleagues wrote on Facebook, “Did you know police are in fact trained to shout, “Stop resisting?” Someone somewhere did a study showing if witnesses are out of eyesight of the encounter, psychologically they will perceive the person to be resisting. Thanks to cell phone footage we have seen cops yelling, ‘Stop resisting, stop resisting’ when the individual clearly isn’t resisting because he’s been trained to say it.”

Actually, we think that cops are also trained to shout different things when the need to create an impression of being resisted to justify their brutality and sometimes murders. They always fear for their lives, you know…

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