New York To Pay $4 Million Settlement To Family Of Akai Gurley

“I’m glad it’s all done. I’m pleased with the outcome,” 26-year-old Ballinger, the mother of the Gurley’s young daughter expressed her satisfaction with the outcome.

According to the Daily News, the city of New York has been demanded to make a cash settlement of over $4million to the family of Akai Gurley, the unarmed Black man who was wrongfully shot to death by an NYPD cop in November 2014.

The money is to be contributed by the city, the New York City Housing Authorities (NYCHA) and the ex-officer who killed innocent Gurley. Peter Liang, the ex-cop who shot the unarmed Black man will pay an amount of $25000 to Kimberly Ballinger, the mother of Gurley’s daughter. The NYCHA will also contribute $400,000 whiles the city pays $4.1 million.

The cash settlement is to be put in a fund for Akaila, Gurley’s daughter which can only be accessed through a court approval. This will be the condition until little Akaila turns 18. On the other hand, the money will be invested on behalf of the Gurley’s daughter that will yield an estimated amount of about $10 million throughout her lifetime.

26-year-old Ballinger expressed her contentment over the court ruling by saying; “I’m glad it’s all done. I’m pleased with the outcome,” The News Monday reports.

Meanwhile, Peter Liang and the other colleague, Shaun Landau who was with him at the time of the incident have both been charged with negligence and recklessness. Also, the NYCHA was also blamed for not repairing a light bulb in the stairwell where the Black man was shot.

28-year-old Akai Gurley who prior to his untimely death was a resident of the Louis Pink Houses situated in east New York was shot dead by an officer without any provocation, on November 20, 2014. Gurley had gone to the visit Melissa Butler who lived on the seventh-floor and both have agreed to go out together. The duo decided to use the stairs because the elevator wasn’t functioning at that time. Then, Liang who was on a patrol in the building with Landau had his gun out with his finger on the trigger. Liang claimed he mistakenly fired the gun which struck Gurley in the chest, killing him in the process. The lights of the stairwell were faulty at the time, making the area dark.

At least, justice has been served Gurley’s family. But again, all these avoidable occurrences turn to drain the national coffers. At the end, it is the taxpayer’s money the city is going to use to compensate the family. There is a need for a system which will hold the culprits solely responsible for their actions.

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