Prosecutors Face The People They Oppressed With Their Rulings

After two top prosecutors lost their positions in a re-election last month, U.S. judiciary’s strategy will definitely change.

With movements like the BLM and other black activists groups constantly protesting against the injustice affecting black people, prosecutors who are regarded as “corrupted” are now losing their seats.

During the recent elections in Chicago, where incumbent prosecutor is branded ‘tough-on-crime,’ voters sent the “goodbye” signal.

Cook County state attorney Anita Alvarez lost her bid after re-election, because she took more than a year to incriminate killer-cop who shot 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. Cuyahoga County prosecutor, Timothy McGinty, also lost his bid badly after he also refused to indict killer cop who shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice.

This came as a result of the rising number of criminal justice reforms and the numerous protests of Black Lives Matter against court rulings, mostly provoked by the hideous way Blacks are “cop-slaughtered” in the country.

Studies reveal that most incumbent prosecutors run for re-election unopposed in 55%-80% cases and they are usually guaranteed 95% of the time, but it wasn’t so for Alvarez and McGinty’s, whose sounding defeats were very noticeable. This could  be explained by their high-profile national scandals.

However, there are several reasons led to defeat of these two prosecutors, but in a sum-up, they have lost and their colleagues will continue to lose due to their tough-on-crime policies.

Professor John Ptaff of Fordham University’s law school commented, “DA’s almost never lose elections, and now they’re starting to.” According to Ptaff, McGinty was rejected because of his failure to prosecute Tamir Rice’s shooter, whereby Alvarez simply lost after her long-standing history of harsh and vindictive approaches.

These voters` decisions will definitely change the judicial system in the U.S., which has lost itself in racial bias in cases involving blacks. Now prosecutors will finally face the people who they have been ignoring so much.

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