Mentally Ill Man Denied Of Medical Treatment Died In Jail

A Virginia man died in jail last August after he was denied hospital treatment.

Jamycheal Mitchell, 24, who was mentally ill, was jailed for stealing $5 worth of snacks and died in the cells because of bureaucratic error.

Morton Winslow, who was the judge, referred Mitchell to the hospital when he realized his health issues were not in a good state, according to the Guardian. Unfortunately, the judge’s words fell on rocks and did not bear fruit. Mitchell remained in police custody instead of being taken to the hospital.

Eastern State Hospital for mental evaluation claimed they never received a fax from Judge Winslow, which stated that Mitchell had been referred to the hospital. Sources initially said, Judge Winslow never faxed but the Guardian confirmed Winslow did on May 27. He also issued another competency restoration order on July 31, but Mitchell didn’t benefit from that either. As a result the 24-year-old man died.

Medical report said he died from an irregular heartbeat and “a wasting syndrome.” Mitchell’s dead is considered one of the mysterious deaths in jail, following the mysterious way Sandra Bland died too. The Guardian reported that investigation is still ongoing by the police and state authorities.

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