Quota System For Arrests And Tickets Is Trap For Blacks

Making as many arrests as possible is the only goal of police across the country

It’s not surprising that the quality of police actions is measured by the number of arrests they made and amount of money they extorted from people. It means that corruption in law enforcement reached its highest. Without further ado, let’s take a glimpse into the so-called quota system which encourages police officers to treat everyone in community as a potential criminal.

Over the years, police have been operating under an unofficial quota program. It has become a common practice to conduct random traffic stops and fabricate charges against innocent people to meet monthly quotas.

Have you ever wondered why people from minority neighborhoods almost always get arrested for petty offenses? It’s a very common misconception that Black people are inherently more violent and much more likely to commit crimes than other racial groups. So, police commanders mostly send their officers to patrol these particular areas. It makes easier for corrupt police to cover up the unnecessary arrests they make as well as the illegally issued tickets.

The quota system has been denied for a long time and it is still so. However, when another evidence of police corruption hits the light its existence can’t be any longer denied.

The distrust between police and communities is already that huge that we simply can’t think otherwise.

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