The Battle Between Apple And FBI Can Affect Black Movements’ Future

The FBI wants to crack open the encrypted iPhone, which may lead to the establishment of surveillance on Black people and Black Movements.

The FBI and Apple saga over data encryption is clearly about Black and White. Recently, there have been controversies between Apple and FBI about a customer’s phone, which needs to be encrypted by the Company, but objected to the order from the federal judge.

U.S. federal judge Sheri Pym ruled that Apple had to assist the FBI to access data from a phone used by one of the San Bernadino shooters in February. Apple refused on the basis that it’s a violation of private rights and that will provide the FBI opportunity for the government to spy on the public. The FBI has reported that they do not need Apple’s help with the encryption anymore because they’ve found a way to crack open the phone. They will need two weeks to do the encryption, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The black community stands to lose big should the FBI wins. That would be a mixed blessing for racial justice activists, who recently wrote to Judge Pym and laid out some reasons for the necessity of ruling against the FBI. The letter — one of dozens sent by Apple supporters — cited the FBI’s history of spying on civil rights organizers and shared some of the signatories’ personal experiences with government overreach.

The matter stems on a customer’s iPhone, but ultimately this is about the government being able at all times conduct surveillance on Black movement and black communities.

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