Laquan McDonald Was Shot 16 Times, Only 2 Of Them Hit Him While He Was Standing

Police Officers continued shooting even when the lad had fallen down.

It is hair-raising to know that in 2015, the rate of young black men killed by police in the US was five times than that of young white men, the highest ever!

The deplorable social injustice in Chicago can be well understood when reports prove that most of the African Americans killed were unarmed.

Evidently, young Africans Americans are in most cases the direct victims of police violence. Some of these victims are however vindicated of the crime for which they were convicted and sent to prison.

A typical example is David Bates, who was taken in for interrogation and came back home 11 years later after being exonerated. The officers who tortured him were never purnished.

Besides, 17-year-old Laquan McDonald was hit by 16 bullets, only 2 of them while he was standing. The officers kept on shooting even when the lad had fallen to the ground.

The state police kept the video for 400 days for fear of racial unrest. This act of brutality has increased the frayed relationship between African Americans and the police.

Undeniably, not all cops are bad and vice versa. However, it would be great if the justice system could foster a process where an officer would be held liable for any misconduct. Such laws would certainly broker peace and foster unity.

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