Killer Cop Retains Job After Gunning Down A Man

Texas police officer who fatally shot a man will not be fired, according to the San Antonio police chief.

The San Antonio Express-News reported that the Chief of Police, William McManus, announced his verdict concerning Texas police officer who shot an unarmed black man.

An email which was sent by Chief Police Officer William McManus to the city manager on Monday stated that Officer John Lee will not be fired for his actions, instead will be sort through an additional training program.

On March 1, Chief William said that the possible outcome of Officer Lee’s case may be indefinite suspension. Officer Lee told investigators that he fired a shot because he thought Antronie Scott had a gun, but it was a cellphone.

Nico LaHood, District Attorney, said the case is still under review and that officer McManus’ decision doesn’t stop his office from doing his work as whether the shooting was a crime or not.

Officer Lee is still on badge working as a police.

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