“Allergic To Black People” Man Charged With Hate Crime

A 47-year-old, Andy Benavidez, has been charged with hate crime for using racial slurs and attacking an African-American man.

Benavidez recently attacked a black man in Iowa City. He assaulted the African-American and when he was asked by authorities, his response was: I Beat That Man Because I’m ‘Allergic To Black People’.

Report says that Benavidez put on a surgical mask because he didn’t want Blacks to contaminate him with their germs.

Racism has grown so much inside some Whites that they can no longer bear it. So they go outside and try to release their hate on Blacks.

People like Benavidez are not fit to be in societies. They should to be kept in confined places where they never disturb the comfort of others.

Share the news and help to fight racial discrimination in our communities.

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