“Police Killed Our Son In Front Of Us,” Parents Say

Mary Ann and Kevin Sherman say their son, Chase Sherman, was tased to death by officer from Coweta County, Georgia.

Chase Sherman was known to a person with a jovial character all through his life. The 32-year-old Sherman recently had his wedding ceremony in Dominican Republic. His usual jovial attitude didn’t prompt any alert of insanity at the airport on their return from his wedding.

Chase’s behavior became more suspicious at the Atlanta International Airport that the parents decided to involve the police force, but little did they know it will all end up in death.

“He didn’t deserve to be treated like this,” attorney L. Chris Stewart told reporters Thursday of the November incident. “He didn’t deserve to be tortured and killed by two deputies. You’ll hear from the family that they immediately came in aggressive, they didn’t try to talk him down and immediately resorted to using their Tasers on him.”

Before Chase’s death, he had told the fiancé and the parents that he had doped synthetic drug before the journey and had him under bad reaction. The reality is that he had pronounced the parents kidnappers at one point and run away from them.

Officers refused to ask what the situation was on their arrival, according to parents, but straight away burgled him down and handcuffed him, threatened to shoot him and finally used their Taser on him severally.

Chase was pronounced dead at the Piedmont Hospital in Newnan. Chase’s medical report revealed that his head strongly came into contact with the concrete during his arrest and several pulls of electronic control device, therefore was considered a homicide.

The family is pressing charges considering the act and asking the attorney to demand footage from the body cameras.

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