Ohio White Racists Who Beat Up Black Man Charged With Hate Crime

"I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams that something like that would happen," victim expresses shock.

For some Americans, racism is just a dark part of American history that should be swept under the carpet, a dirty secret that shouldn’t even be whispered in public. Many still try to deny the existence of this horrible act despite statistical prove. They simply want it to go unsolved so they can hide behind the presumption of its non-existence to perpetuate their diabolic racist acts.

For Adrian Williams, a Black man who lives in North Toledo, Ohio, racism is still very much an issue. On the 18th of May, Williams experienced the terror of racism outside his own home. The Black man had parked his truck just outside his home and was unloading when he attacked by two white racists without any provocation.

The two men, 33-year-old Charles Butler and 25-years-old Robert Paschalis hurled racial slurs at Williams and attacked him physically. Authorities said, Charles got a hold of a broom from Williams’s truck and struck him with it several times.  It took the timely intervention of some two police officers to save Williams from the hands of the two abusers.

The two white racists have been charged with a federal hate crime. It is reported that Butler later made a post on his Facebook page claiming that his action was based on racism. In his post, he wrote, “in the name of the White Race.” Butler and Paschalis have since been detained in the Lucas County’s jail.

Adrian Williams, the Black man who was attacked told WTOL-TV that he was really astonished by the turn of events. He couldn’t believe this could happen in broad daylight in front of his own house.

We cannot hide from this ugly truth anymore, racism still exists. It is our responsibility to stand up against these horrible practices.

There is a little hope, though. The federal hate charge against these two white people is a step in the right direction. But more than being charged to court, they should be indicted. People need to know that senseless hate has no place in our modern world.

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