South Carolina Deputy Fired For Racial Slur

“The use of a racial slur by a police are not against the law, but they are against our policies”, stresses Richland County Sheriff.

On Tuesday a white police officer was fired and arrested by his deputy for vandalizing a poster in a crime victim’s garage.

25-year-old Kaleb Broome was arrested on charges of misconduct in office for his actions when Broome, on February 23, was part of a team responding to a domestic dispute. Broome was in the service for just 2 years, but now possibly faces up to a year for something he, Broome, describes as a “stupid thing.”

The act took place when the other deputy helped the victims. In addition, Broome also took a piece of double-sided tape, something Deputy Lott described as “stealing.”
“He crossed the line like any other criminal who failed to do the right thing,” the Deputy stressed.

“He doesn’t deserve to wear the badge, he violated the trust that the community put in him.”
Sheriff Leon Lott explained, shaking his head in disbelief and shame for the officers conduct, said in an interview, “He took the word Nigeria on a poster and circled part of it, and turned it into a racial slur.”

Sheriff Lott stressed, in spite of all this, that a cop who was with Broome at the time of the incident reported Broome, and this he said, shows that there are bad cops, but there are many good cops.

Deputy Lott should be commended for this bold decision that is not covering up, but getting the bad cop out.

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