Something America needs to understand: Prince Was A Full Black Man Who Loved His Blackness And Yours Too

Major media outlets report Prince race as mixed after his death. They whitewash his legacy stating that he “transcended” race.

The black music legend and icon, Prince, whose career spanned over many decades, left us on April 21st and after his death, many media outlets report on his race as mixed. This is a falsification! The music legend was fully black who adored his race.

White media should stop whitewashing Black artists! Whitewashing is a familiar process to everyone. It is very disheartening that whenever a black artist generates success, white America tries to make his/her career “acceptable” as if being black is inconvenient.

Prince wasn’t ashamed of who he was, and this can be heard through every note of his songs. His blackness was the key reason why MTV didn’t want to play his videos. Now people want to ignore his blackness and whitewash his legacy. White America deprives the Black community of the right to equality, and every successful black person has to be whitewashed to be accepted.

The vibrant music icon worked his way to the top when he was nobody. His struggles were not noticed by White America, but his success doesn’t let them rest. His love for his race led to his humanitarian work. He helped out fellow musician Lauryn Hill when she was in trouble and tried to help her children. In 2001, he donated $12,000 to an African-American library to help it stay open.

This is who the music icon was, and no one can change that. He was a full black man who loved his blackness and yours too.

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