Should Filming Cops Be An Illegal Act?

Advocates fight back after judge rules that filming police isn’t a fundamental right.

Laws were supposed to make life easy and secure for everyone but instead it has become a nuisance.

U.S. District Judge, Mark Kearney stated that citizens are not protected by the law when they film police officers for no good reason. This decision was as a result of the lawsuit from two Philadelphia residents, Richard Fields and Amanda Geraci, who claim their constitutional rights were violated when the cops took their cameras away when they were recording the officers.

However, Kearney’s decision was contrary to Philadelphia’s policy of allowing citizens to record officers in public no matter the circumstance claimed Mary Catherine Roper, an attorney who represented Fields and Geraci.

There are several cases of people recording the cops because they felt threatened in one way or the other and hence a video could be used as a form of evidence if need be.

This should be a basic right of any individual. There should be no accountability for this if there is really nothing to ‘hide’.
How does filming make police officers feel unsafe in any way if there is no bad intention?

These videos are sometimes used as a form of evidence when the cops refuse to own up for their misconduct. It’s one way to catching the bad cops and keeping them honest.

What is the crime here? Is it because it’s a cop? Would it be a crime if it was just a passerby?

We hear of cases where abuses have been covered up and the cops have denied their offensive acts all because there was no one watching or footage was hidden.
Filming should be a constitutional right. At least filming the cops is one way of keeping them on track.

This law could be violation to the act of free will.

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