The Plight Of African American Educators

“Teaching should never be color-blind”- Pamela Lewis: in her new book, “Teaching While Black”.

Racism has gone a long way and despite the fact that it is being eradicated, it exists in the classrooms.
Black educators are very conscious of the race in schools. They are made to think they have less power and hence less authority.

White people are known to be people of power since history, whether in the classrooms, organizations, or in any higher position.
They say you are “talking white” just because you speak good English with a good accent. And sometimes been pretty and a person of color you are said to “look white”.

Teachers are known to be motivational people, and if they lack that motivation how is it expected of them to make students accept themselves. Earning the love and respect from your students is the major key to good education.

The only job in the classroom is the teacher teaching and students learning, it doesn’t matter if the teacher is black or white. They have the same experience in educating someone.

What seems so motivational than a teacher looking at a student and seeing himself.
Obviously every black student would wish to have a teacher who could feel proud about them when they perform great just like their family would. A teacher who would give them hope and understand their lives better than ‘other’ people would.

Imagine living in a community where everyone is black and the only white people you get to meet are your teachers.
A diverse teaching force should be encouraged and promoted.

Pamela Lewis, a black activist, a writer and a teacher published a book “Teaching While Black”: A New Voice on Race and Education in New York City.
She encourages race should be embraced in the classrooms.

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