Oklahoma Cops Left Black Army Veteran To Die In Jail Cell

A black Army veteran faced a slow and painful death in jail cell in the presence of numerous officials without helping him.

The Daily Beast reported that a black veteran, Elliot Williams, 37, encountered a painful death in jail cell without help from jail officials as they watched him die slowly. The 37-year-old man was arrested on misdemeanor obstruction charges in 2011 at a Marriot hotel.

Williams who had a record of mental illness was sentenced and thrown into jail where the illness became excessive and began deteriorating slowly, but jail officials felt he was “faking” his condition. According to Daniel Smolen, Williams’ attorney, “This guy went almost six days and never got taken to the hospital with a broken neck.” “They’re throwing food at him and making fun of him in the cell while he’s going through a horrific death. You wouldn’t do that to an animal or any living thing.” Smolen told The Daily Beast.

The Williams have filed a lawsuit after seeing the dreadful treatment on surveillance camera, because for them, that is the worst civil right violation they’ve ever witnessed on cam. “It’s like a nightmare,” they said.

At one point, the mentally ill and immobile man was dragged into the showers by officers because they insisted he was faking. One captain later recalled this incident while testifying, saying Williams “would not stand up but we did give him a shower anyway.” In fact the poor man received no help even when he was screaming for help. This is a complete inhumane attitude from the jail officers.

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