Chicago Schools Are Still Racist After 50 Years

Segregation is still a major problem in the city of Chicago and its schools.

Chicago schools have been dealing with disputes in the past years. The mayor of the city, Rahm Emmanuel, sealed scarcely 50 schools that served little income, African-American and Latino students.

Barbara Byrd-Bennett, formal Chicago superintendent was guilty on crime charges last year, prior to racial acts. African-American students and students of different race had a poor performance in schools in general. In many ways, the city schools sojourn racially segregated with black students and white students occupying apart facilities.

Rosie Simpson, 85, who in 1963 due to deplorable education for blacks, encouraged students protest said,

“The system is even worse now than it was then,” said Simpson, who had six children who attended Chicago public schools and was a key player in the ’63 boycott. “They’ve closed schools. Kids are under pressure my kids didn’t have to go through. They don’t have the books. They don’t have access to a library.”

Several schools have suffered this racial act since 1963. Jenner Elementary is an example of such schools. Its infancy black, low income and less populated school and since last year the leaders of the school have been fighting had to put it in shape, whiles a school like Ogden International is over populated and racially different and affluent.

Talking of the poor and under performance of African-American students and those of different race, these factors absolutely contribute to that fact. If students lack books and materials which will help facilitate their easy study, how do we expect better performance?

“We got relaxed,” said Simpson. “We thought the battle was over. We had a little success and thought things [would] keep going up and changing for the better. Of course that didn’t happen.”

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