Do Media And Social Networks House Racism?

Viral videos and disgusting posts on social networks show the racist underbelly of American society but what can we do with it?

A number of aggressive comments and cell phone videos watched by millions on social networks show how many white supremacists are out there.  Rev. Joseph A. Darby, vice president of the Charleston, South Carolina, NAACP branch says these people  “feel that they’re going to lose the privilege of being white, and when you have fear, you do ugly things sometimes.” Though education consultant Andre Perry is sure “there is a clear push back against diversity in our society. When you look at the battle on college campuses, you see that there’s been a rise in hate groups that have spurred up across the country.”

“I think we have a certain percent of the population that is virulently racist, and that they will express that from time to time,” Jack Glaser, a professor of public policy at University of California, Berkeley said but “what’s new is the ability to record it.” Sometimes one mistake can ruin a person’s life and career regardless the color of skin.

All these Tweets and Facebook Posts are dangerously ambiguous. On the one hand, they make people aware of the fact that racism does exist and is still dangerous, and on the other hand, they serve as a promotional tool for latent supremacists and terrorists. Social networks are doing their best to modify their policies to fit the contemporary situation, some of the racists are caught and punished, but still… Is there any way out of the situation?



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