Wrongfully Convicted Man Fought For Freedom For 32 Years

The prosecutor withheld key evidence and as a result Andrew Leander Wilson was wrongfully convicted.

In 1984 Andrew Leander Wilson was wrongfully convicted for the stabbing death of 21-year-old Christopher Hanson, who was sitting late night in a parked truck with his girlfriend Saladena Bishop. Now Wison is 62, he has been recently freed and pronounced innocent.



Three decades ago the prosecutor concealed from Wilson’s lawyer some information including the facts that Saladena Bishop had stabbed her boyfriend before and lied to police before.



The case which cost the innocent Black man 32 years of his life is closed. It’s surprising but Andrew Wilson is not angry or offended. “I’m past it. I just want to get something to eat right now and love my family,” he said.



“I say it all the time, don’t stop fighting. Don’t give up,” said Wilson, now 62. “It seems like that’s what the justice system wants you to do, and I never gave up,” Wilson claims, and his strong will finally saved him. His incredible dignity and patience should serve as an example and a source of hope for thousands of wrongfully convicted Black people who have to remain behind bars. Don’t stop fighting!

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