Words From Legendary Activists Angela Davis and Gloria Steinem

“Black Lives Matter, this is what we’ve been waiting for…this is what we need at this moment.” – Angela Davis.

On Thursday, June 2, two activist icons, Angela Davis and Gloria Steinem, had a magnificent discussion at the Brooklyn Museum in New York about their success stories, as black female activists at a time when racism was at its peak in America, and also about the strength of black people when they are united.

It was a night of bliss for everyone as Davis received the Sackler Center First Award, which is dedicated to super exceptional women who have made tremendous contributions in their fields.

Before the legendary freedom fighter received her awards, she and the political activist, Gloria Steinem, lengthily discussed her work and a 2013 documentary titled, “Free Angela and All Political Prisoners”, which is about her revolutionary life and success stories in fighting against racism and inequality.

As the two sat on stage, Steinem asked Davis about her secrets that made her survive the obstacles she faced in fighting oppression.

Davis replied, saying “What made me feel capable of getting up every day and moving forward was the fact that there were so many other people involved in the struggle. This was not my struggle alone. I could only see myself as being one of many others and that helped me. I didn’t feel alone.”

Steinem further asked Davis about her thoughts about today’s movements like Black Lives Matter.

The feminist icon and scholar Davis said, “Black Lives Matter, this is what we’ve been waiting for”.

From the icons’ discussion, we learnt that there is strength in unity. Togetherness can change the world and social organizations like Black Lives Matter, the Justice League in New York and BYP 100 just help us to stay united. But there is a need for every black man or woman to stand up and fight for what is right.

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