Riri Williams Brought To Life In New Fan Movie

MIT students made a short film featuring famous Marvel's Riri Williams.

Each year, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology uses a student-made fan film to let prospective students know when the university’s admissions decisions will be made. This year they chose a Marvel’s character, Riri Williams, to help them fulfil this mission and the had their reasons to do so.

riri1 riri4

“Although Riri Williams is a fictional MIT Black woman, she’s played by a real MIT Black woman, directed by a real MIT Black woman, and ‘lives’ in a real MIT Black woman’s dorm room, something I thought was pretty awesome,” one of the movie creators wrote.



“It shows that all of Riri’s characteristics can be found, collectively, among all of the Black women at MIT, and I’m glad that there’s now an additional story among all the fictional stories where people can witness this identity.”


We applaud to the authors of the idea and congratulate all MTI students having such progressive and original tutors.

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