Lorrie Bartlett – Maker Of Kings And Queens

Meet Lorrie Bartlett, the partner and cohead of talent, ICM Partners.

Clientele: The first African- American to lead the talent department at a major entertainment agency, according to Essence magazine,  Lorrie Bartlett guides the careers of Regina King, Ruth Negga, Michael Keaton, Megan Fox, Laverne Cox and Mack Wilds, to name a few.

Legacy: “A lot of my drive, ambition and desire to win was instilled in me by my dad. He was also a propo­nent of letting your work speak for itself, which I’ve held on to.”

Using fear: “It’s  okay to feel scared. Life is scary, but you must turn fear into motivation. Otherwise, it cripples you.”

Defining success: “Having clients who do great work, knowing your opinion is respected and operating in the world as your true self is success to me.”

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