Our author, Marshata Caradine-Randall, was one of the keynote speakers at Women's March. It was exhilarating and life changing for her. Here's the piece inspired by the event.

When a baby is born, their tiny eyes are laid upon the voice they have heard for the time they were in the womb


Women spoke in various dialects but the same language


Women were ill but yet managed to get out of their wheelchairs and step for progress, unity, justice, and show an outward declaration that they roll, sit, and march on the side of love


Women voices came in different forms, on different levels, executing different things but with one collective goal in mind: life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the ability to love


Women, took their rightful places

Women tore up the script

Women lead a movement

Woment created a moment in herstory

Women changed their narratives


Now, if this outward show of solidarity will really show us the power we have within us on a unified front, we can really change the world!

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