Atlanta Police Officers Beat Black Man In Public

The Atlanta police officers, who recordedbeating a Black man, claim he was about to smoke crack. ... No drug was found on him.

Rickey Williams was brutally beaten and violently restrained by three Atlanta Police officers, on June 22. According to an official report, Quinton Green and two other officers saw Williams “possibly preparing to smoke crack cocaine.” 

Williams “dropped to the ground and started swinging his arms and kicking wildly” when the officers told him to put his hands behind his back, Green wrote.

In the video, you can see Green hitting Williams in the head and neck several times. Green claims he had no choice as stun gun used by another officer, Stephenson Camille, didn’t work. The report also tells that the whole incident took place in front of a crowd of around 30 people.

 “I feared that the longer this tussle continued with Mr. Williams, the angrier and more uncontrollable the crowd would become so I deployed my city-issued Taser,” Camille claims.

Sir Maejor Page, spokesman for Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta, told the Journal Constitution he wanted criminal charges against Green.

“We know that Atlanta has a problem with police brutality,” Page he told the journalists. “Those who are the most vulnerable are the ones who get picked on.”

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