Flint Crisis: Money Can’t Buy Life

The Michigan budget gives Flint $165M addressing heath needs, especially those of the city children

Last week another $165 million bill was approved by Gov. Rick Snyder to develop new water sources, pay legal costs and focus on heath needs, especially those of toddlers.

Flint residents are dealing with a massive public health crisis caused by the lead-tainted water from the local river in the aftermath of the fateful decision of local city officials to switch Flint’s water supply from the Detroit water system to the polluted Flint River.

This despicable action of government officials grew out of purely mercenary interests, which turned lives of thousands people into a nightmare.
Flint residents found themselves deprived of the basic necessity they need to survive. Apart from not having safe drinking water, people now face a variety of the daily challenges which hardly can be solved by the money the city management is going to spend.

Thousands of children drinking tap water from the Flint River were identified as having dangerously high levels of lead in their blood, which can result in long-term health problems.

The water crisis sent Flint real-estate market tumbling which made people face significant losses in property value. City homeowners are literally trapped in their houses that are now worth nothing, and property insurance policies will not compensate them for anything.

Thus, the problem extends far beyond money, the dangerous pipes need to be replaced.

It is not enough just to apologize for what happened as Michigan governor did. Everyone, including Rick Snyder, who intentionally poisoned Flint residents, should face criminal charges.

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