Black Women Will Be Face Of America Again

American Woman Project aims to present Black women as the new face of the American woman.

There are other types of American women who are not getting the recognition or praise they deserve. And that is what Sarah Huny Young’s AMERICAN WOMAN Project is going to change.



The project is a portrait-and-documentary series aiming to celebrate Black beauty and represent  Black women, as the new face of the American woman.

proj5 proj6

“This is a project about black American girls. I started it before Trump won, and it’s even more pertinent now to tell our stories. My specific intent is to change the idea that we have when we think of American women,” the founder of the project says.  “The vast majority of us think of the Jennifer Lawrence type of broad, which is crazy because there are so many women who don’t look like that who are the epitome and the best of this country.”

proj4 proj3

The beauty of Black women is underestimated, they are seriousl underrepresented in beauty and fashion industry. It’s time to let the Black Girl Magic work and prove that American beauty is not necessarily white.

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