VIDEO: Falcon Height Cop Sends Law-Abiding Blackman to Early Grave

Tears run down the cheeks of Blacks as Police shoot dead Philando Castile

A Facebook user by name Lavish Reynolds brought the Black community and in fact the general public bad tidings as she showed a 10-minute heartbreaking video of a Black who was gunned down by a cop by attempting to comply with the orders of the cop.

The deceased revealed as Philando Castile was a 32-year old graduate of the University of Minnesota worked as a Cafeteria Supervisor for J.J Hill Montessori Magnet School under the St Paul Public Schools Systems. He was eulogized as a dedicated and hardworking person.

It is reported that the victim Philando Castile was only complying with the orders of the cop which was that Mr. Castile should show his driver’s license.

Prior to the order of the Police, Philando had informed the cop that he was carrying a licensed gun. Seeing an attempt of the victim to reach for the said document which was in his wallet and in his pocket, the cop pulled the trigger 4 times leaving the young Black man in great agony and absolute helplessness.

In the heartbreaking video below we can hear how the girlfriend of the victim screams: “Oh my God! Please don’t tell me my boyfriend is dead.”

The victim suffered a high degree of injuries and was pronounced dead on reaching the hospital. Medical reports said that Philando died from wounds he sustained in the shooting.

This incident comes to confirm the fact the police is a public enemy, especially to the Black community. It is so because the second amendment which we all witnessed authoritatively permits all citizens of the U.S to carry guns. Discrimination is highly seen here as the police “hunt” Blacks even though we carry licensed guns.

The time has come and the time is now for every person of color to rise and join the united front as we fight the oppressor’s rule from every angle.

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