Internet was shocked by livestream of kidnapping

Four people after kidnapping disabled man live streamed it on Facebook.

Kidnapping of a disabled man and torturing him while live streaming is an act that shows no support from black people. Internet reacts to this, because after that horrible crime all people start blaming black people and Black lives Matter for this.


And in all this chaos white people surely forget about a kidnapping, about a man. All they do is is play a blame game. That’s unfair and it is not helping to fight racism in this country.

People put Black Lives Matter’s name in kidnapping, while they had no affiliation in this. That will hurt the message they are trying to deliver.
In the end it matters that people responsible for kidnapping were punished. Black people will never approve such deeds, we seek justice, for everyone, especially when injustice against black people is so common. This is a country where all black people are now blamed for this, that is also what we need to change.

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