Police Abuse Excused: Houston Violent Cop Turns In Resignation Letter

Police abuse of power goes impune again as Jarius Warren is allowed to resign instead of being fired.

While serving his suspension from the police service due to the unwarranted beating of a homeless Black man, Jarius Warren had finally decided to quit his job. His decision came upon a hint he had received that internal board members were deciding to terminate him.

Warren presented his letter of resignation to the authorities on Monday. A copy of the letter obtained by ABC13 reads, “I am writing this letter to serve as formal notice that effective immediately, I am resigning from my position as a licensed enforcement officer with the METRO police department. It has been a great pleasure and honor to serve with the METRO police department. The department provides a great service to the people of Houston, and I hope you all have continued success.”

Warren was caught on camera mercilessly beating a homeless Black man, who was sleeping on a bench at the train the station. He was in the company of a colleague, Daniel Reynoso who did nothing to prevent the incident or stop Jarius. Both of them were put on suspension without pay.

At a press conference organized by the police on 16 September, Metro Police Chief, Bumpers rendered an unqualified apology to his victim, Darrell Giles. She said, “We are not going to tolerate excessive force by our officers.”

In the meantime, the video of the incident has been released by the police following series of protests and calls to stop police brutality against Black people and make the video public by the Black Lives Matter movement.

Warren’s resignation is a shameful end of the story. There are too many cover ups for officers who go against the law and they know that they have more than one way to escape punishment, that’s what makes them be bold and that’s why many innocent African-Americans are feeling helpless and frightened every single minute. Even if the investigators don’t buy the lies of the officers about being threatened cops always manage to escape punishment through a suspension, resignation or some minor penalty.

Source: PINAC
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