Imaginary Black Man Accused For Attempted Abduction

Two wayward white elementary school kids from South Carolina reported an attempted abduction by an imaginary black man just to skip school.

Once again, police officers accused a black man who does not even exist for a crime that have never happened.  Two white kids falsely reported to the police officers that a black man armed with some tool made from screwdriver was following them and tried to commit a horrible crime.

After the news took media’s attention, every parent was eager to know who might have been this abductor. Parents wanted the man to be caught and brought to justice, but it turned out that there wasn’t any black man or any crime to investigate. Kids just thought up this situation to excuse their absence at school.

It wasn’t the only time when white people blame blacks for their own faults and crimes. Two decades ago, a white woman Susan Smith blamed a black man for kidnapping her children in Union. She later confessed that she drowned the kids by herself and the story of a black attacker was made up.

Children at such tender age already have a strategy for escaping their problems by blaming black men. They have been taught from the very childhood that black people are criminals and as such, they grow up with the deep racial prejudices. Some of these kids might sometime become a cop or a judge and from how they’ve been brought up, they will always have a negative mentality towards black men and women in the society.

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