Erica Garner Decides Not To Vote In Election 2016

After evaluating both presidential candidates, Erica Garner decided not to participate in voting for any of them.

Erica Garner, the daughter of Eric Garner, a victim of police brutality, stated in an interview that she will be sitting out election 2016. After careful assessment of the presidential candidates, she felt that none of them “spoke her language.” We have got more details below.

The Grio

In an exclusive interview with, Erica Garner, the daughter of Eric Garner–the unarmed black man killed by a police chokehold in New York City–said that she decided to “sit out” this year’s presidential election.

The vocal Bernie Sanders supporter said she refused to be “scared” into choosing between the Democratic or Republican nominees, as she doesn’t believe either candidate speaks to her principals.

“I chose to sit out,” Garner confessed. “A lot of people will be shocked that I chose to sit out, but I will not be scared into voting the lesser of two evils. I’m voting on principal and these are issues that I believe in, and no candidate is speaking my language. I have the next four years to next eight years to probably form the next leader that I believe in to lead this country.”

Despite sitting out this election, Garner believes Clinton will come out victorious. Still, she says she has little confidence in a Hillary Clinton presidency.

“When Hillary Clinton does become president, it will be more of the same. Our police officers will be heavily armed and her first plan of action wouldn’t be to help the black community. During Bill Clinton’s presidency we dealt with the War on Drugs and the crime bill, so I don’t have faith that this country will be any worse off if we had someone like any of the presidential candidates.” See more

Erica Garner’s decision might be right or wrong, but her choice to sit out the election is a proof that the government in general has failed the Black community. Black people have lost trust in the system, we have all been in a bad place for years and nothing has been done about it. The presidential candidates seem like the former presidents, who used to do nothing but give empty promises.

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