4 Cops On 1 Teen: Brutality Against Juveniles

L. A. County probation officers brutalize teen in detention center.

The latest surveillance footage leaked by whistle-blowers inside the Los Angeles County will make you blow a fuse. This silent video below makes viewers wonder what these cops were thinking about before jumping on a black teen and mercilessly beating him.

In an earlier video, one can see the teen frustrated and angry in his own room but he was not a threat to anyone. This could be as a result of psychological strife he was passing through in this place. Every day, thousands of juveniles confined in places like this get frustrated psychologically as a result of harsh conditions in detention centers.

So, what we see later four officials talking with this teen and in a matter of seconds brutalize him, kicking and hitting him with blows like he wasn’t a human being, and at the same time forcing him down. That was uncalled-for at all. After the officers left the room, the teen’s shorts was pulled to his knees and he couldn’t stand on his feet because of the pain.

There is still a culture of brutality against juveniles, and they are very upset about it,” Celeste Fremon, editor of WitnessLA, said.

Actually, as a result of rampant abuse and the effects they have on juveniles, the L. A. County Board of Supervisors abolished the use of solitary confinement in May. On this occasion, Supervisor Sheila Kuehl said, “We can’t afford to treat these youngsters in this manner and expect that when they get out, they’re going to be OK.”

Investigations are ongoing and the Interim chief of the Probation Center, Cal Remington said in a statement, “we hold our staff to very high standard. We have zero tolerance for mistreating the juviniles in our care.” He went on to say that, “and while I can’t really comment on an ongoing investigation, this matter is being thoroughly investigated, and we take matters of this nature very, very seriously.”

Four adults against one teenager it is truly shame in any situation. These brutal officers should be charged and sentenced for this crime. They should be allowed to harm another child or teen.

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