Black Community Member Arrested For Recording Police Misconduct

A man of Rochester Black community is arrested for recording two cases of alleged police abuse.

Rochester police officers prove once again, that there is a glaring incompetence in law enforcement. In a video recently posted on Facebook, Rochester cops were pounding on a man on the street when they noticed bystanders watching. So they approached a woman standing on the sidewalk just outside her home, followed her into her property and pounced on her as they placed her in handcuffs.

After the woman’s arrest, the officers saw a man recording the incident and they went after him too and snatched the phone from him. Clarence Thompson recorded the video right from the moment the officers were beating the man on the street to the point when the officers attacked him. “How do you turn this off?” the cop asks before the phone is switched off.

Thompson put the video up on Facebook on Thursday. These are his words in the caption: Going home after work and the Rochester police department beat up a guy and slam a girl on the ground. They arrest me and impound my car. This is crazy.”

The Rochester Police Department hasn’t made any comments on the incident yet, but it’s going to be hard to defend the officers involved in the arrests. The woman who was arrested for being on the sidewalk was told by an officer that she was ordered to leave or go to jail. She responded saying, “I live right here, I can’t go nowhere.”

“Get on the property, get off my sidewalk,” the officer told the woman. The woman was already walking into her property when she was jumped on and dragged down by the cop. Two other cops joined in the unlawful arrest as they put their knees on her back and pressed her to the ground.

At this moment, Thompson yelled, “That’s bullshit,” because the unfair treatment of the woman, who was being battered allowed nobody to stay indifferent. One of the officers saw the man with the camera and proceeded to place him under arrest without informing him about the cause of apprehension.

Unfortunately, police brutality is becoming a new norm for members of the Black community but some are still eager to fight for justice. We are glad there are such brave men like Clarence Thompson who risk their freedom and safety in order to provide the truth and maybe the only record of one more incident of police abuse to the public. There are incompetent and law breaking thugs among cops and they must be exposed.

Source: PINAC
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